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User Group

Create groups for subscription. Users may be added to groups, and Access Rights is set based on groups.

Add user group

To add a new user group, give it a name and click "Add".


Set Access Rights

To set access rights for a user group, use menu on the far right for the given user group. img

All the Transaction types are listed, with options to set level of access.


NoneNo rights, is the default
ViewThis gives the group members rights to view the the logging of these transactions. This will also affect the select list of transaction types in the search UI. Only transaction types the user have access to view, will be available
OpenThis gives the user rights to view and open the file content of a message for this transaction. In the search result the filename in the “Download content” column will have a link
AdminThis gives the user rights to all operations, such as open and delete

Edit user group

The edit option gives the user the possibility to change the name for this user group. img

Delete user group

Click the "Delete" option on the menu to delete a user group.